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TWO BOTTLE RUM SET - (Best Value!)

TWO BOTTLE RUM SET - (Best Value!)

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Save 10% plus shipping costs and try both of our award-winning rums! 
Each set includes:
1 - 750ml bottle of our un-aged Silver rum
1 - 750ml bottle of our barrel-aged Reposado rum

Chamomile, Earthy, Aloe, Stone fruit. A daydream in a glass.

Extremely versatile and lovable:
Mixes like gin, vodka, silver tequila or white rum.

It takes time and care to make a great tasting white rum, and this recipe was three years in the making. Distilled by hand in small batches from fresh, all-natural Louisiana sugar cane syrup, filtered San Diego water and secret heritage yeast from San Francisco.  

750 ml bottle | 0g sugar
45% ABV | 90 proof
Made from just three ingredients
No additives, flavorings or colors
Vegan and gluten Free
2022 Double Gold - International SIP Awards
2022 Silver Award - San Diego International Spirits Awards
2022 Design Award - San Diego International Spirits Awards

Oak, dried orange peel, caramelized banana, toffee. A rye whiskey lover's rum.

Extremely versatile and Spunky:
Mixes like whiskey, bourbon, reposado tequila or gold rum!

This complex and smooth gold sipping rum starts out its life as our popular Clever Fox Silver, and is then allowed to rest in new American oak for three to four months. Tasting notes of oak, dried orange peel and spice, opening up over ice to sweeter notes of butterscotch and caramelized banana. Vanilla, carmel corn, and hints of jasmine on the nose. A clean, crisp finish with lingering flavors. Try it in your favorite whiskey cocktails or recipes that call for gold rum.

750 ml bottle | 0g sugar
45% ABV | 90 proof

Made from just three ingredients
No additives, flavorings or colors
Vegan and gluten Free
(Not submitted for any official awards yet - but it's a winner in our hearts!)


We use 100% post-consumer glass bottles - Please reuse, return or recycle.
We will happily buy back your empty bottles! Contact us for more info. 


Louisiana sugar cane syrup
San Diego water
San Francisco yeast
Yeast Nutrient (organic nitrogen, mineral nitrogen and thiamine)

These ingredients have been fermented, filtered and distilled, and what remains is clean alcohol and water.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth Arthur
Definitely Buy Both!

These 2 are definitely staples in our home. Both of them are delicious and bring their own variety to our liquor cabinet. We drink them multiple ways and the bottles are so beautiful we love to display them. Make excellent gifts as well :)

Yummy Cocktails

I got a chance to try the barrel-aged Reposado and I am a huge fan. The full flavor means I can enjoy it in cocktails or even just on the rocks. After experimenting with other big brand Rum's the taste and smoothness of Clever Fox is unmatched! I would absolutely recommend.

Lindsey S
Love it!

Delicious and versatile.


When we say our rums are “crafted,” here’s what we really mean: We focused on doing one thing, really well, and then we focused on it some more. 

We don’t make anything else, because… well, sometimes one thing is delightful enough to fill up your glass. That’s not exactly a new idea — but it is a good one.