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RESCUE A FOX - Cocktail for a Cause Gift Set

RESCUE A FOX - Cocktail for a Cause Gift Set

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We are proud to be partnering with JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center to offer these incredible gift sets and unforgettable experiences! Scroll down to learn more.




JABCECC (Judith A. Bassett Canid Education and Conservation Center) is a non-profit (501c3) charity organization in Santa Ysabel, California that rescues foxes from fur farms, the illegal exotic pet trade, owner surrenders, and those that cannot be released back into the wild. Each fox is given a safe and secure forever home at the center. 🦊

JABCECC promotes animal conservation through hosting educational seminars, holding meet + greet encounters with domesticated foxes and wolves, and conducting peer reviewed & published research. 

We are so proud to be partnered with them—as animal conservation and protection is extremely important to us as well!


Tasting notes: Chamomile, Earthy, Aloe, Stone fruit. A daydream in a glass.

It takes time and care to make a great tasting white rum, and this recipe was three years in the making. Distilled by hand in small batches from fresh, all-natural Louisiana sugar cane syrup, filtered San Diego water and secret heritage yeast from San Francisco.  

All Natural
0g sugar
Zero additives, flavors or colors
Only 3 ingredients
Woman and Minority Veteran Owned

100% Vegan
100% gluten free
100% delightful taste

750 ml bottle | 0g sugar
45% ABV | 90 proof

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A large portion of the proceeds of both packages go directly to the rescue.


Included in both gift packages you will recieve a 750ml bottle of Clever Fox all-natural Silver Rum, and an exclusive limited edition sticker pack with 3 JABCECC stickers and 1 Clever Fox rum sticker.


Includes: 1 bottle of Clever Fox all-natural Silver Rum, Limited Edition Sticker Pack, and A digital gift certificate for an unforgettable in-person fox experience of recipients choice from the following options:

  • Couple's Encounter

    Enjoy a private, intimate fox and canid encounter for 2. Go inside the enclosures with the animals as they freely roam around you.

    1 hour, up to 2 people, ages 9 and up.

  • Family Fox Experience

    An incredible group experience where you can pet and meet foxes, wolves and canids up close and learn more about them.

    45 minutes, up to 4 people, all ages welcome.

  • Professional Photoshoot

    Get the most magical photos of your life with these incredible creatures. 

    30 minutes, includes 2 animals, trained animal handler, private gallery and 3 professionally edited photos.

*NOTE - you do not need choose which experience you would like at the time of checkout. Digital gift certificate will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Matthew Delaney
I can drink this on the rocks all day ❤️‍🔥

Is this stuff good just on ice? Oh man, the answer is yes. Very much yes.
Truly, this shit is gold. I can drink it on the rocks all day ❤️‍🔥

Sabella L.
Clean, perfectly bold, blood sugar friendly!

A rum for those that value their health AND enjoy the finer tastes in life! So smooth, so clean with just the right amount of boldness. Pairs incredibly well with freshly squeezed fruit for a refreshing cocktail! As a type 1 diabetic, I appreciate an honest label + a base liquor without processed sugar to make managing my blood sugar easier..Clever Fox is my new go to!!

Marji Medina
Judge a book by its cover

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes you look at something and go, I just love the way this looks let’s give it a try. The bottle design is the cutest. We thought why not. We found out it’s the whole deal, not only is it packaged beautifully it taste great. The rum makes amazing drinks. High-quality smooth. It looks great on our bar and it makes great drinks couldn’t ask for more. Loyal customers.

Stephanie Rollizo
Rescue a Fox - Cocktail for a Cause

Our daughter recently celebrated her first birthday as a mom. She always loved foxes, and "Clever Fox Rum" was perfect for us to support them and also have the gift of rum! I highly recommend the gift, since some of the proceeds go towards the animals. One thing to keep in mind, is the time for shipping. They don’t have much control over the shipping since it does have to go through a licensed third party. But the owner was beyond helpful, and reached out to us multiple times. Highly recommend!

Great Rum! Perfect in cocktails or straight.

I'm generally not a Rum drinker, I prefer Gin and Tequila.

But after I took a shot of this straight to get a quick taste on whether I'd continue drinking this or not, I was happily surprised.

Has a nice bite to it that goes away, it doesn't have the super sweet aftertaste I don't like in Rums that I usually drink. It was great with ice and lime juice.

Making caipirinhas with this was perfect, so was just a plain daiquiri. Before I knew it, two days later I was down to half the bottle.

The stickers are very very cute and well made as well, very awesome treat to include it.

I'm planning on buying another bottle soon, great cause as well!